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Healthcare Once Again Leads Field in Highest-Paying Industries

It’s safe to say healthcare is a fundamental component of the American economy. As a percentage of gross domestic product, it represents roughly 18 percent, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. It’s also highly specialized – you name the health issue, and there’s someone there to diagnose what seems to be the problem. […]

EU Economy Sees Mild Second-Quarter Currency Regression

Although individual nations within the European Union have seen economic ups and downs, the bloc of nations has generally been in good shape during 2018. However, recent figures show some regression related to currency easing, which unsettled some EU government and economic leaders. Citing data from the European Central Bank, The Associated Press reported that […]

BLS Employment Situation Report: July 2018

The job gains initially estimated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for June were recalculated from 213,000 to 248,000. As such, some economists consider the total increase in nonfarm payroll employment for July – 157,000 jobs – an even more significant decline from June’s numbers. Other analysts see it more as a regression to […]

Manufacturing CEOs in US Satisfied with Technological Development

The Industry 4.0 transition isn’t a changeover that’s happening in the future – it’s already underway. Based on a recent survey, most manufacturers in the U.S. believe the switch to digital-centric technologies – such as the internet of things, cyber-physical systems and cloud computing – is going well so far. However, professionals in other parts […]

Architects Willing to Offer a Helping Hand During Hurricane Season

It’s hurricane season, and for the better part of five months, business owners along the East Coast keep their eyes to the skies and their fingers crossed in the hopes that they won’t experience the ill effects of Mother Nature’s wrath. But if trouble arrives and properties get damaged, officials within the thriving and expanding […]

Young Orthopedists Couldn’t Be Happier with Their Chosen Profession

If they entered a time machine and could change something about their past, many Americans might have chosen a different profession pathway. But if you ask your average orthopedist if they would make any alterations, every one of them would take the same road they did back then, according to the results of an annual […]

Homebuying Surge Has Lenders in Hiring Mode

With the economy now on much firmer footing and more people back at work, Americans are entering the homebuying market in droves, stretching the staff of financial services providers thin and necessitating increased hiring to accommodate heightened demand. Mortgage application activity jumped 7.5 percent in April.” April was a particularly robust period for home loan lending […]

Nursing Viewed as Most Ethical Profession

Whether it’s their attentive bedside manner or their unfailingly friendly demeanor, nurses are a much-loved group, particularly among patients who come to hospitals frightened by unfamiliar medical procedures. Yet patients aren’t the only ones who think the world of them. People in the U.S. do as a rule, to the point of considering nurses the […]

Manufacturing Growing By Leaps and Bounds

Industry after industry and sector after sector are recording substantial job growth and productivity. Chief among the trades consistently leading the pack is manufacturing, a reality that proved true once again, this time in April, based on newly released figures. The manufacturing sector witnessed increased development and production in the first full month of spring, with […]

Food and Beverage is Top Industry for Sustainability

Across industries today there is much buzz about sustainability, mostly in response to consumer demand. No surprisingly, the industry leading the pack in its initiatives is the food and beverage sector. According to research from NGO Ceres, which focuses on sustainability, consumers want to know exactly where their food is coming from and companies are […]