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Global Talent Update – November 2020

“The new World of Work swept in sooner than expected, accelerated by COVID-19, creating an urgent need for resilient mindsets and innovative rethinking of strategies. The most impactful recovery plans will not just successfully return organizations to business as usual. Effective plans will ensure teams are safe, provide consistent communication, and clarify business focus, and […]

Global Talent Update – September 2020

Global Talent Update

“This is a good time to recall the words of naturalist Charles Darwin that ‘it is not the strongest of the species that will survive, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.’ Today’s resilient leaders strive to navigate uncertainty, promote flexibility and shift organizational priorities in […]

Global Talent Update – July 2020

“The return after the pandemic will be a gradual process. Some sectors are already rebounding, and others will take longer to modify or rebuild their operations. Organizations will need to move quickly to address remote and flex workforces, communication and corporate culture or else risk falling behind the competition. I think we will also see […]

Global Talent Update – June 2020

“Governments around the globe have already allocated more than $13 trillion to stabilize their economies and jump start growth. Although these speedily implemented measures have succeeded in many ways, new worries continue to emerge. But we believe that if governments and the private sector work together, we can return to prosperous and sustainable times worldwide.” […]

Global Talent Update – May 2020

Europe, Middle East and Africa Sojern, a company that specializes in collecting and analysing travel data, is focusing on current travel trends imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. Offering a sense of the gravity of the situation, global flight bookings to Europe are down drastically, with Italy seeing almost a 94% year-over-year decline in flight bookings, […]

Global Talent Update – April 2020

Europe, Middle East and Africa Coronavirus is seriously affecting EMEA polymer conversion plants. As infection rates continue to rise, the European petrochemical industry faces unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, due in part to European governments restricting movement in an attempt to limit the virus’ spread. With borders across Europe closing, supply-chain concerns are rising. “The market […]

Global Talent Update – March 2020

Europe, Middle East and Africa The coronavirus in Italy has decimated the country economically, while leading to over 2,000 deaths. To help improve the country’s poor financial outlook, the government has approved an infusion of $28 billion. “The decree throws a financial lifeline to families and firms who face hardship after the government last week […]

Global Talent Update – February 2020

Europe, Middle East and Africa The German economy continues to struggle, most recently with news reports that its financial state has not grown in the past few months, according to The Guardian. “Germany’s economy flatlined in the last three months of 2019 after a slowdown in spending, and exports wiped out growth in Europe’s largest […]