Employee Communication Most Important in Healthcare, New Study Finds

New research from GetApp shows that strong employee engagement and communication is more important in healthcare than in any other industry.  

GetApp, an online marketplace that helps businesses connect with software providers, surveyed more than 500 small and mid-sized business owners and managers across the U.S on the sectors in which they believed strong employee engagement and effective communication were most vital. 

Some 43 percent of the professionals surveyed thought that these qualities were most important in healthcare, followed by education and hospitality. The respondents believed that strong employee engagement and communication were not as important in the retail and financial sectors. 

Empowered employees and effective communication between healthcare professionals is integral to creating workplace cultures that create the foundation for providing high quality care to patients, according to Becker’s Hospital Review. Hospitals and healthcare providers should make it clear through workplace practices that they have the best interest of employees at heart and support them to feel positive about their work. 

Paul Spiegelman, the CEO and founder of BerylHealth, told the source that “the only way to be patient-focused is to be employee-focused and to start first with developing an environment in which employees enjoy what they do every day.”