Fishing Industry Receives Mixed News

The fishing industry has had a mix of positive and negative news in recent weeks, as natural occurrences and man-made problems have benefited certain areas of the country while wreaking havoc in others.

Boston-area fishermen were told that they would have to appeal to Congress if they wished to strike down legislation that sets catch limits. The region’s fishing industry may be severely hampered by these new laws, and it may be a long time till any type of appeal is filed, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Lawyers for the Boston fishermen noted that an uphill battle may occur, as the scope of the legislation may be too significant to fight against. Limits on the amount of fish that can be caught will work against the industry, limiting growth and hampering efforts to create more jobs, according to the news source.

While legislation has hurt the Massachusetts arm of the fishing industry, the Great Lakes region has seen an opportunity for growth, as alewife fish have overpopulated the bodies of water in the area, Detroit News reported.

Though the fish have been seen as a nuisance to tourists and beachgoers, fisherman have noted that salmon and other species will thrive due to the presence of the alewife, a source of food for larger lake inhabitants, reported the news source.