Florida No. 2 in Job Growth

While other states are struggling to create ample employment opportunities, Florida’s labor situation is thriving. According to WXJT Jacksonville, the Sunshine State boasted the nation’s second-highest rate of job growth between March 2014 and March 2015. 

Florida, which had a growth rate of 3.67 percent, was only surpassed by Utah, which experienced an average growth of 3.95 percent. The Palm Beach Post noted that these front runners surpassed former job-growth giants like Texas and North Dakota to earn their top spots. The source explained that as oil prices continue to decline, states that are not heavily reliant on oil-related industries will likely experience even more job expansion.

According to CBS Miami, Florida Gov. Rick Scott recently gave a speech where he stated that job growth numbers were back to pre-recession rates. The source reported that every private sector position Florida lost during the recession has since been reestablished. In March 2015 alone, almost 30,000 jobs were created for Floridians eager to join the workforce. Although Florida’s unemployment rate rests at 5.7 percent, just above the national average of 5.5 percent, many businesses are looking to set up shop in the Sunshine State. This will likely propel Florida’s job growth even further and help close the gap on unemployment. 

Gov.Scott was speaking at the opening of Kellstrom Defense Aerospace, Inc., one of the new organizations committed to creating and maintaining positions in Florida. This aviation-based manufacturer has already contributed 160 jobs to the South Florida region and announced its plan to add 20 more. 

“We have great workforce boards, we have the programs, we have the training programs to make sure that companies, like Kellstrom, want to be here because they know that they can get great employees and you want to live here because you can get a great job,” stated Scott.