Import-Export Industry Sees Surge Around the Globe

As the global economy begins to pick up, trade is increasing, which means a number of new opportunities in the import-export industry.

Australia is one country that is apparently seeing an improvement in its export industry, as Indonesia recently issued permits allowing a new batch of Australian cattle to enter the country.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the permits will allow 200,000 head of cattle to enter Indonesia, which is good news for Australian exporters.

“This time 12 months ago permits weren’t as predictable, and there was uncertainty,” Allister Lugsdin with Meat and Livestock Australia told the news source. “So it’s been good that a large number of importers have been allocated permits for the three months going ahead, and they will be spread across a number of exporters. So the fact that importers and exporters can plan ahead for the next few months is great.”

The Australian beef industry isn’t the only sector that is seeing improvements as a Washington state firm is preparing to send about 3,000 solar-energy generating devices to India. According to, Infinia Corp. will be sending the devices after a $30 million loan was authorized by the Export-Import Bank of the United States.