Launch Date for Apple Car Pushed Back One More Year, Report Reveals

Though many people have most likely never heard of the Apple Car, the rumored release date for this top-secret project may have been pushed back another year.

A new report from technology site The Information has divulged the news on the car that is still yet to be created, reported Fortune magazine. Believed to be called Project Titan, the Apple Car venture was thought to have an original launch date of 2020.

However, according to the report the team has run into several complications and as a result, will push back the introduction until 2021. Though Apple itself has yet to comment on the project one way or another, the company is said to be working on a self-driving electric vehicle.

According to Digital Trends, the delay is said to be due to a turnover in project lead. Recently, Steve Zadesky, who was at the head of the Apple endeavor, stepped down after more than one and a half decades with the company.

As far as collaboration, the lack of discussion on the subject likely means Apple is hoping to use in-house servers, noted the source.

Top-secret Apple Car launch date said to be pushed back one more year.