Marine Industry Sees Activity as Boating Season Approaches

With much of the country emerging from a long winter and summer just around the corner, the marine industry will likely be picking up in many parts of the U.S.

It certainly is in Wisconsin, where Governor Scott Walker recently presented Marquis Yachts with a check for $2 million to help them create nearly 380 jobs. If the company is able to create 379 jobs it will be able to collect the full amount, according to NBC 26.

“With the world and what we’ve been through here in the yachting business, life has been difficult, the people have been through a lot [and] this will give them the chance to get a life back again,” Irwin Jacobs, the owner of Carver Marquis, told the news source.

Wisconsin isn’t the only part of the country that appears to see a boost to its marine industry. The Grand Rapids Press reports that park officials in Ottawa County have brought in a consultant to examine the future of the area’s marina.

The decisions by the consultant could potentially revitalize the marina, leading to more jobs in the sector.