More than 600 Packaging Jobs to Be Created in Michigan, Pennsylvania

Growth in the packaging industry has led to multiple calls for new jobs across the country, with more than 600 in total planned to be filled by companies located in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The Work Force Network, based in Canton, Michigan, has more than 500 entry-level packaging jobs available in two plants located in Livonia and Romulus, according to Detroit’s CBS 62 affiliate.

Positions at the company are expected to pay minimum wage and workers will be packaging DVD movies and video games. An administrator for the company said the jobs have opportunities for advancement.

Additionally, contract packaging firm Tech Packaging Inc. from Jacksonville, Florida plans to construct a new facility in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, according to the Standard Speaker.

The new facility is expected to handle $15 million in products packaged yearly and will hire 95 full-time workers within three years of its opening in Spring 2014. Tech Packaging works with many corporate clients in packaging strategies from food to cleaning products and the news source says 245 more employees in the area will be retrained.