Nestle Moves UK Headquarters to Crawley, Relocates Workers

Food and beverage giant Nestle has announced it will be moving its UK headquarters to Crawley, a move expected to boost the local economy for the West Sussex town just south of London’s Gatwick Airport.

Nestle officials said most of its 840 person staff is expected to relocate with the move, but local officials told This is Sussex News that they expect the relocation to have a huge impact on area businesses.

“The main thing is it opens up new opportunities for local businesses to supply and work with Nestle, whether it’s training or stationery supplies. It also means businesses in their industry will start to look at Crawley,” said Jeremy Taylor, chief executive of the Gatwick Diamond Business Association.

Meanwhile, the news that the parent company that makes Guinness beer in Ireland will be building a new brewery in Dublin is being met with mixed reactions.

The Associated Press reports that Diageo PLC will invest $195 million to build the larger plant at St. James’ Gate in Dublin to ramp up its current production by 40 percent. However, the company said that it will also close two of its other Irish breweries and lay off approximately 100 employees.