Rolls Royce Announces Expansion Plans for Aircraft Engine Research Plant

Rolls Royce has announced plans to extend and grow its Southern California plant for the study and innovation of future aircraft engine components, reported Aerospace Technology.

The focus of the new 62,000 square-foot space will be on the operations and ceramic matrix composite materials used in these types of engines. Enhancing the design of these materials to make them even more capable and advanced is at the core of the work that will be done at the new plant. 

According to President and North American CEO of Rolls Royce Marion Blakey, the enhancements will help to limit noise and reduce the depletion of fuel.

“The team here in Cypress will be dedicated to seeing the commercial application of these technologies that will soon be adopted into advanced manufacturing production methods for gas turbine components,” said Blakey.

Requiring extremely high precision equipment, Rolls Royce received assistance from the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority in its purchase last year, reported The Manufacturer. This machinery will enable employees to design manufacturing methods at this “CMC technology hub” that are production-ready. 

The British automaker plans to pour $30 million into the undertaking.

An aerospace research plant of Rolls Royce will get a $30 million expansion.