SHIFT – January 2022

SHIFT - January 2022

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Our January issue of SHIFT explores the top recruiting trends for the upcoming year, examines why so many individuals are quitting their jobs, visits how the pandemic has changed the outlook on industry, and it dives into digital transformation in 2022.

Top Recruiting Trends for 2022

Appcast, a global leader in programmatic recruitment advertising technology and services, has issued its “Top Recruiting Trends for 2022” report. As organizations continue to navigate an unusual and unpredictable job market and employers struggle to meet hiring objectives, the report breaks down the latest labor and recruitment market trends, forecasts the future of hiring, and provides actionable guidance to help organizations prepare effective recruiting strategies for 2022.

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The Great Resignation: Why Everyone Is Quitting

A record 4.5 million Americans voluntarily left their jobs in November, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This pushed the quit rate to 3%, matching the high from September. The high quit rate is a symptom of the tight labor market where workers can quickly find a new — and potentially better — job.

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How Has the Pandemic Changed the Outlook on Industry?

IndustryWeek’s editors asked contributors and business leaders to share how their outlooks have been changed by the ongoing challenges in the industrial world during the two years of COVID-19. Although a question as broad as “How has your outlook changed because of recent history?” generates a wide variety of opinions, the editors found that many respondents had similar thoughts.

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Digital Transformation in 2022

ZDNet, a business technology news website, identifies hyper-automation, hybrid experiences, distributed environments and explosion of data as some of the new challenges and opportunities facing all businesses today, as well as highlighting research on the seven key digital transformation trends that will shape the future of work in 2022 and beyond.

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