SHIFT – January 2024

Our January issue of SHIFT alerts you to significant trends you can expect to see in the coming year. We scoured predictions from a variety of sources to bring you the opinions of leaders in the world of business, human resources and employers about the trends you should track and leverage in 2024. We’ll continue to monitor workplace trends for you throughout the year.

Four Business Trends To Track And Leverage In 2024

Jaime Leverton, Forbes Business Council contributor, is paying particular attention to these four trends and considering what they could mean for your ecosystem, customers and team in the year ahead: Transformation will become a leadership skill; Collaboration between companies and schools will increase; Leaders will prioritize financial planning for the unexpected; and Gen-Z will reshape mentoring programs.

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10 Workforce Changes To Anticipate And Embrace In 2024

Inc. looked at workforce changes you should anticipate in 2024 and how individuals, businesses and policymakers can navigate this shifting landscape. Among the ten changes were these four: The green workforce revolution; Global collaboration and remote talent acquisition; Emphasis on upskilling and reskilling; and Gig economy expansion.

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Glassdoor’s 2024 Workplace Trends

Here are eight workplace trends expected in 2024 based on Glassdoor’s data window on workplace satisfaction, culture and conversations: More Zoomers, Fewer Boomers; Sticky wages, slippery benefits; Cash only; Layoffs’ long shadows; Misery in the middle; Return-to-office carrots, sticks and carrot sticks; Small is flexible; and Can I just talk to a person?

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10 Predictions for 2024 from a World-of-Work Expert

For more than a decade Dan Schawbel, LinkedIn Top Voice, New York Times Bestselling Author and Managing Partner of Workplace Intelligence, has published his forecast of workplace trends that will impact how we work and live for the upcoming year. Here are a few things he sees for 2024: Employers and employees will strike a deal on hybrid work schedules; Artificial intelligence – especially generative AI – will become ubiquitous in the workplace; Workers will continue to be unhappy and burned out, with serious repercussions on their well-being; and Employers will experiment with a shorter workweek as employees demand more flexibility.

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