SHIFT – November 2022

Our November issue of SHIFT focuses on the workforce landscape in 2023 with reports on strategic workforce planning; the impact businesses and their employees have on each other; how remote work affects hiring; and critical trends in executive search.

Strategic workforce planning

A recent report from KPMG tackles the issue of strategic workforce planning amidst disruption — a time when it becomes clear that traditional, tactical workforce planning isn’t only ineffective, but leaves organizations unprepared and reactive to whatever risk or opportunity next crests the horizon. By contrast, strategic workforce planning, says the report, aligns the composition of your workforce with your strategic objectives. It brings finance, HR, and operations together, and rolls everything from strategy to headcount analysis, talent mix to organizational changes into the same conversation and system. The result is a workforce plan that’s both flexible and future-oriented and that’s centered on matching talent to strategy, rather than headcount and titles.

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Trends that will change the way people-centric businesses and their employees impact each other in 2023

In most industries, the last 25 years has been marked by an obsession with the customer — how to acquire them, how to keep them, and how to maximize their lifetime value. The next 25 years will be similarly consumed by the employee — how to acquire them, how to keep them, and how to maximize the value they contribute to a business.

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How remote work has changed hiring

In 2019, almost no companies offered remote or hybrid roles — today, most companies do. Remote work has shifted the ground beneath hiring teams’ feet, for remote and non-remote jobs alike. Research from Datapeople and reported in “Hiring in a Distributed World” explores how remote jobs are impacting candidate pools for all types of jobs and how employers are responding. In it, you’ll find insights based on a unique dataset of millions of actual jobs, along with helpful tips for hiring remote, hybrid, or onsite roles in this new landscape.

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Executive Hiring in 2023

If your organization plans to expand or overhaul the C-suite next year, you’ll want to note some critical trends in executive search. Companies are moving away from outdated principles such as working in the office, top-down leadership, and offline advertising. They’re moving toward more international opportunities, inclusive working environments, and online brand management. Newer executives must understand these recent trends and implement them in their management strategies.

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