SHIFT – September 2021

SHIFT - September 2021

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Our September issue of SHIFT explores talent strategies to bridge skills gaps, location-based pay considerations, using crisis behaviors to evolve company culture, and trends that are defining 2021.

McKinsey & CompanyTrends That Are Defining 2021 – and Beyond

McKinsey & Company set out to identify some factors that business leaders should keep in mind as they prepare for what they are calling “the next normal.” They discuss how these trends will affect the direction of the global economy, how business will adjust, and how society could be changed forever.

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GartnerHow to Mix Talent Strategies to Bridge Skills Gaps

As improved job prospects, new skill needs and changing employee expectations threaten to reduce the availability of critical capabilities, companies must deploy the right mix of talent strategies to solve the skills gaps, advises a recent report from Gartner. The report identifies 11 talent strategies ranging from upskilling and reskilling to contingent hiring and outsourcing. The real challenge, however, is figuring out the right mix of talent strategies for the right circumstances, and Gartner outlines five steps to follow to do just that.

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AONLocation-Based Pay Heats Up as Workforces Remain Remote

While geographic pay differentials are common, most companies don’t have policies that define what happens to pay when an employee relocates from a high to a low cost of labor location or begins working remotely away from any company location, according to a report from global professional services firm Aon. As this situation is increasingly common today, the report suggests that companies would be well-served to develop a more comprehensive policy around these situations.

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pwcUsing Crisis Behaviors to Evolve Company Culture

Leaders who struggled with cultural inertia while managing a remote work force during the pandemic are finding themselves in a surprising situation: Employees spontaneously adopted positive behaviors during the crisis. This comes from consultants at PwC who report that the bureaucracy that was common in previous times seemed to vanish.

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