Using Inbound Marketing to Boost Recruiting Efforts Post-Coronavirus

STAR Update - Monthly Insights from  the MRINetwork Team of Staffing Professionals, Talent Advisors and Recruiting ExpertsAlthough we’re still in the midst of coping with the pandemic, we’re beginning to see glimmers of hope for recovery. It may not be business as usual, but for many companies, it will mean ramping up their workforce again. Unemployment rates have soared to new highs after a period of extremely low rates that led to stiff competition for top job candidates, and while it may be some time before they are substantially lower, forward-thinking companies will be looking to replace critical talent and gear up for pent-up demand for goods and services. So this is a good time to consider how to attract the talent you need ahead of your competitors.

“Companies need to stop selling and start generating demand. Begin by creating and distributing quality content that gets the attention of your desired audience. To build trust among relevant individuals, provide information that enhances your reputation as a thought leader in your space. Illustrate your values and highlight your company culture to enhance your employer brand. Inbound marketing is all about creating interest, warming up relationships, and getting people to come to you and your organization,” says Patrick Convery, MRINetwork Sr. Marketing Manager.

What exactly is inbound marketing? According to Hubspot, a marketing software firm, “Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While outbound marketing interrupts your audience with content they don’t want, inbound marketing forms connections they’re looking for and solves problems they already have.”

With this in mind, here’s how your organization can use inbound marketing to attract top talent.

“First,” says Convery, “it’s essential that you have a well-defined idea of the type of person you aim to hire for your company so that you can market to them effectively.” To do this, the publication Social Media Today recommends that you create “candidate personas” to form a clear picture of the audience you want to target.

“What education is needed, what essential skills are required, what other factors are pertinent to the specific position? Probe these areas with your team so you can target the people who fit your needs,” advises Convery. ”This process helps you to refine your inbound marketing efforts and streamline your campaigns on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.”

Second, you should think strategically about the content on your website. “Not every person that comes across your content or website is ready to apply for a position,” as noted by Social Media Today. “Some people are curious, passively seeing what opportunities are out there or simply researching, and this is precisely why it’s important for you to create and publish as many useful content types as possible to support them.”

This type of content can take the form of white papers, eBooks, webinars and articles. “Keep giving, keep educating, and don’t ask for anything in return. Eventually, these people will come to you,” says Convery. “If you’re searching for a pipeline of potential applicants, take a look at those who opt-in for more content via email and YouTube subscriptions – and reach out to those who engage with your social posts.”

Remember that inbound marketing revolves around providing outstanding content. This means that even after you have caught the attention of your target audience, you must continue to engage them with dynamic content that keeps them coming back and instills the idea that your company is a good place to work.

“Of course as an employer, you can research and implement an effective inbound program on your own. But in today’s fast changing social media environment, you may want to consult with a professional recruitment firm that’s well versed in emerging media platforms, proficient in developing ongoing thought leadership content, and experts in managing the pipeline of applicants to ensure the true game changing talent rises to the top,” noted Convery.