New Construction Technology Releases

Staying on top of new tech trends is important to builders looking to maximize output and slash costs. As reported by ConstructionDive, a website that covers the latest news and trends in the construction industry, here are five recent announcements from software makers and other tech providers about new offerings or updates to existing products that are designed to smooth out construction for contractors:

Trunk Tools. Trunk Tools has launched its second product, TrunkText. Designed with the goal of saving contractors up to two hours a day, according to the company, the AI-based tool “reads” all documents and files associated with a project and uses the collected information to answer questions via a messaging app.

StructShare. The GenAI program from StructShare automates getting quotes on construction materials for specialty trades. The new tool allows construction pros to make well-informed procurement decisions using insights on numerous factors, including pricing, supply chain issues and stock availability.

Autodesk. Autodesk recently released Autodesk AI through its new Design and Make platform. This suite of tools and enhancements to existing tools is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning and includes multiple features across new and existing programs.

Ricoh. In partnership with 4D digital twin platform Cupix, Ricoh released the new Ricoh Theta X 360-degree camera. Intended to boost workflow efficiency and ease project management even on megaprojects, the camera generates 3D spatial images that can be directly linked with CupixWorks and CupixVista platforms for instant viewing, manipulation and analysis. Construction pros can collaborate on tasks like virtual walkthroughs.

Sage. The Sage Construction Management provides preconstruction and project management tools that work seamlessly with Sage’s financial software for end-to-end support geared toward small or medium-sized firms. Project managers can access and organize the complete bidding process, including cost estimates, schedules, and specs, and drawings.

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