Setting the Tone for a Positive Culture

Setting the Tone for a Positive Culture

A positive culture matters for the long-term health of any organization, and leaders play a critical role in setting the right tone to create a culture of success. Over time organizations have a tendency to become ingrained with the characteristics of their leaders, making it difficult, if not close to impossible, to shift it in the opposite direction. If properly maintained, a positive culture of success established by a leader within the organization or team they serve can often last even if there’s a transition to new leadership.

Setting the tone for your organization can be difficult at times as leadership roles inherently come with stress and a glaring spotlight that can be a bit unforgiving if not handled properly. However, as the leader of your organization your team will always look to and take its cues from you in any given situation. Here are a few tips that can provide a good foundation for establishing a culture of success.

Be a leader who you would want to follow. When setting the tone for your organization always remember to put yourself in your team’s place first. If you’re a leader who people look forward to coming to work with each day, you’ve taken a great first step in establishing a culture of success. If the opposite is true, your cultural climate might not be headed in quite the right direction.

Always be accessible. In setting the tone for your organization it’s always a good policy to make yourself as accessible as possible to your team members. A collaborative atmosphere where people feel at ease with giving their input on any given topic fosters trust within the organization which contributes greatly to a culture of success.

Always maintain your composure. Maintaining your composure at all times is a key component to setting a positive tone. If the leader of any organization is constantly giving in to the pressures around them and losing their composure regularly, you can bet the team around them will do the same. A cool and level-headed leader helps to foster a calmer, more serene culture.

Stay positive when adversity hits. Every organization is going to be hit with adversity at some point. Maintaining an eye to the future and realizing that every setback is typically temporary can have a direct impact on how the team around you reacts to it. Showing confidence that the company can weather the storm fosters confidence in your team and goes a long way towards maintaining a positive culture.

Make the mission bigger than yourself or the organization. As a leader you have the power to inspire your team. One of the most powerful ways to do this is to clearly articulate the mission you’ve undertaken and what it contributes to the world around you. Fully understanding the lasting impact of their efforts generates a passion in your team for fulfilling the mission, and that goes a long way towards creating a sustainable culture of success.

In leadership roles it’s impossible not to contribute to the culture within the organizations you serve. Setting the right tone and staying focused on maintaining it over time can, and should, contribute to your leadership efforts having a lasting impact which goes far beyond your time in any one given role at any singular point in time.