Here’s How You Can Mentally Bounce Back from a Job Rejection

Applying for jobs is not easy. After all, if you’re successfully applying, you’re crafting your resumes and cover letters, so they allow your true personality and skillset to shine. Then, you’re allowing yourself to be open and, yes, vulnerable in interviews to really put your best foot forward. Unfortunately, even your best may not be a fit for the company you’re applying for – and that’s okay.

At the same time, it doesn’t make rejection any easier to swallow. To help, here are some tips you can follow to mentally bounce back from a job rejection. This, in turn, will help you succeed at interviews afterward, so you give yourself the highest possible chance of landing that job at your dream company.

First, don’t take the rejection as any indication of a personal failure. According to The Los Angeles Times, this is a critical piece of advice you should realize during the sometimes laborious, interview process. “If you don’t get a yes,’ mentally reframe it in a positive way. Consider the possibilities that you didn’t hear back because the company decided not to fill the position,” according to the news publication.

The job simply may not have been the best fit, or maybe you were rejected for a totally different reason. At this point, the decision is out of your control, so it’s best to take a deep breath and move on from the experience, taking any important lessons learned with you for the future.

Second, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. In fact, doing so can be helpful mentally so that you can prepare for upcoming interviews and better understand your strengths and weaknesses. “When you don’t get a call back, ask your interviewers for feedback on why. The responses can be invaluable when applied to your next interview,” according to The Los Angeles Times.

Finally, think positively and the rest will fall in place. As Forbes notes, “Your negative thoughts affect more than just your outlook on the job market. It affects your long-term health.” By going into an interview with a negative psychological state, you’re simply doing yourself a disservice.

Instead, remain optimistic in the face of your upcoming interviews and you’ll find yourself reaping the rewards of further interviews, and potentially a job offer. “The next time you walk into an interview and think you are not qualified based on what is written on your resume do this: Channel your positivity, motivation and leadership qualities to get your recruiter excited about you,” according to Forbes.

In conclusion, job rejections are never easy to deal with during your search for your next place of employment. However, by changing your mentality and being more optimistic and resilient in the face of rejections, you’ll ultimately learn a lot about your own inner strength and find a position that’ll lead to long-term happiness.