2024 Outlook for Healthcare: Planning for the Future

2024 Outlook for Healthcare: Planning for the Future

Many healthcare executives are trying to keep pace with a rapidly evolving and consolidating industry that is in the midst of a digital transformation. Determining which technologies to pursue and prioritize — and which to ignore — can be tricky. Adopting new technologies and business models — while under sustained financial pressure — might be the biggest challenge healthcare executives will face in 2024.

According to Deloitte’s annual Health Care Outlook Survey (click here to see full results and methodology), among the factors that are expected to continue to reshape the healthcare sector in the year ahead include workforce talent challenges. More than half of health system executives (57%) expect talent shortages will impact their organization’s strategy in 2024. At MRINetwork, recruiters specializing in the healthcare industry are well aware of the talent shortages as they partner with their clients to find and place that talented professionals they need. During 2023 year to date, they placed nearly 800 people in jobs across the country.

Many health system executives are trying to attract and retain clinical staff while continuing to focus on reducing clinician burnout. Overall, most surveyed executives said they intend to focus on the mental health and well-being of their employees in 2024. Some organizations have tried to make employee benefit packages more appealing and are conducting employee surveys to get feedback on these challenges.

As the healthcare sector evolves, healthcare leaders must focus not only on retaining employees who have the skills needed to keep up with the changing healthcare landscape, but also concentrate their efforts on attracting and retaining new talent employees to help support their digital transformation.

While the year ahead will likely be fraught with challenges, says Deloitte, there are some remarkable innovations ahead as organizations adapt to the new environment. Healthcare organizations that can’t keep up could be left behind. 2024 is likely the year health care leaders will choose the path they intend to follow.