7 Steps to Securing Your Hiring Process

7 Steps to Securing Your Hiring Process

The digital recruitment industry is a prime target for hackers and cybercriminals because it gathers and stores large amounts of sensitive data. Recruitment platforms are increasingly vulnerable to data breaches, ransomware attacks, and malware. According to a WorldMetrics report, only 5% of companies are properly protected.

Keeping recruitment platforms safe and secure is essential for every organization. Everything from securing company data and candidates’ personal information to keeping the hiring platforms secure should be a priority when hiring. The following are seven important steps a company should take.

Protect Against Data Breaches

Data breaches on hiring platforms are one of many cybersecurity issues companies must guard themselves against. Resumes and personal data are increasingly susceptible to hackers. There are several steps a business can take to secure data.

  • Limit Data Collection: Collecting and retaining only the most necessary data means less data to store and reduces the risk of data misuse.
  • Limit Access to Sensitive Data: Determine access rights by employees’ organizational responsibilities and roles. Implement a monitoring policy with strict controls regarding access activities.
  • Properly Dispose of Data: Every company needs protocols to dispose of all unnecessary data. This procedure includes deleting digital data, disposing of USB drives, and shredding physical documents.
  • Implement Advanced Encryption: Encryption can make communicating on hiring platforms more secure. Symmetric and asymmetric are the two primary types of network encryption available.
  • Screen Third-Party Vendors: This includes screening background check providers and applicant tracking systems. While these collaborations streamline operations, they introduce risks regarding data security.

Invest in AI and Automation

Automation uses various software and technology to complete repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently. Artificial intelligence involves machines and computers simulating human intelligence to learn and problem-solve.

Artificial intelligence can recognize abnormal patterns that humans may miss. Automating the analysis of various data exchanges and email communications makes detecting malware and phishing schemes easier.

While different, AI and automation are most effective when working together. MRINetwork explains how the most effective recruitment process involves embracing both AI and automation.

Prevent Insider Threats

Insider threats refer to anyone authorized to access a company’s systems. These threats fall into two categories: deliberate and accidental. Since deliberate or accidental inside actions cause the majority of all data breaches, a business must have a plan in place to address these threats.

  • Hire Only the Best Recruits: Stopping insider threats starts with hiring the most qualified individuals for each position and adequately vetting past employment.
  • Provide Ongoing Employee Training: Training new employees is only the first step. Employees must receive regular training to keep up with technological advancements.
  • Implement the Best Software Practices: Regular software updates and patching are essential security measures.
  • Establish Physical Security: Physical security would include protecting hardware and software from vandalism, theft, or natural disasters.

Comply With All Regulations

Stringent methods are required for collecting and storing sensitive data on recruitment platforms. Complying consistently with all regulations will reduce your organization’s chance of succumbing to a cyberattack.  

Navigating and complying with all federal and local regulations is complex. Working with an experienced recruiting firm will enable you to maintain compliance while focusing on your recruitment goals. Staying compliant will also guard you against lawsuits, even if data is lost. 

Conduct Regular Audits and Monitoring

A cybersecurity audit includes a comprehensive assessment of your hiring platform and processes to identify weaknesses. 

1. What Should You Audit?

Audits should include reviewing access controls, monitoring the system for unusual activity, updating software, and backing up data.

2. How Should You Audit?

Your own teams should conduct an internal audit since they’re familiar with the systems and processes. A third-party team can provide an objective perspective when conducting an external audit.

3. How Often Should You Audit?

This depends primarily on the regulations for your particular industry and the size of your organization. At a minimum, cybersecurity audits should be held yearly.

Create an Incident Response Plan

It’s essential to have a detailed contingency plan in place if a data breach occurs. Putting together a plan normally includes the following:

1. Prepare: Preparation means having a specific plan in place in case of a data breach. All employees should receive regular training regarding their roles in carrying out the plan.

2. Detect and Analyze: Detection is the process of determining if and when a breach has occurred. Analysis would include the who, what, when, where, and how regarding the attack.

3. Contain, Eradicate, and Recover: Your strategies for this phase might include disconnecting devices from the internet, removing malware or viruses, and implementing immediate patches.

4. Review and Test: It’s important to periodically review and test your plan. Tests could include theoretical testing or tabletop exercises. You could also simulate actual attacks to learn how your team would respond.

Hire an Experienced Recruitment Team

Maintaining a secure hiring platform is a complex and ongoing process. Your company needs an experienced recruitment firm to safeguard your data and the data of every candidate.

Since 1965, MRINetwork has been leading the way in the recruitment industry. MRINetwork can provide your company with experienced recruiters and talent advisors to help you secure your hiring process while bringing in the best recruits possible. Contact MRINetwork today for more information.