Digital Twin Recruitment, and the Challenges HR Managers Face When Hiring Professionals

Digital Twin Recruitment, and the Challenges HR Managers Face When Hiring Professionals

One of the hottest trends in the engineering sector right now is digital twin technology — a virtual representation of a real physical object such as a car, plane, or building. Experts predict the global digital twin market will be worth $110.1 billion by 2028, up from 10.1 billion in 2023. So it’s no surprise that the demand for digital twin specialists is skyrocketing. In this article, learn about the different job roles required for this technology and the challenges HR managers face when hiring professionals. 

What is Digital Twin Technology?

Digital twins are virtual models that serve as exact counterparts of physical objects. They help companies understand how the object performs in the real world. Take a car, for example. By creating a virtual model of that object, you can visualize it in real time and learn how it might behave in different scenarios, such as when someone takes it for a drive. Creating a digital twin of a car is a lot cheaper than creating multiple physical vehicles to test. 

IBM says

“It’s a technological leap ‘through the looking glass’ into the very heart of physical assets. Digital twins give us a glimpse into what is happening, or what can happen, with physical assets now and far into the future.”

Here are some of the people who make digital twins possible. You might want to hire these professionals to help you implement this technology into your company.

Digital twin engineers 

Engineers are responsible for designing digital twins for companies. They create simulations from scratch with the latest technologies and build connected sensors that allow physical objects and their virtual representations to communicate. 

Data analysts

Digital twin platforms gather a large amount of data — and someone needs to analyze all this information. This is where a data analyst comes in. This professional will use data to predict changes and shifts during the digital twin development stage. 

Cybersecurity experts

Cybersecurity experts ensure digital twins are protected against external threats. Digital twins have an expanded attack surface, making them highly vulnerable to hackers. 

Other data twin jobs include:

  • Data scientists who identify patterns and trends in digital twin data
  • Product and system simulation developers who improve the functioning of digital twin platforms
  • Software developers who create the software required for digital twins to work correctly

Challenges of Recruiting Digital Twin Experts

Digital twins are still a relatively new technology, meaning few people have the skills your company needs. That can pose the following challenges for HR managers:

Increased competition

The demand for digital twin specialists is at an all-time high as more companies invest in this technology. HR managers might find it difficult to find professionals like digital twin architects in their area and fill job roles. Working with experts in talent strategy and recruitment can provide a solution to this problem. For example, a reputable employment agency can help an HR manager find the right talent through advanced recruitment strategies, such as building a personal brand.

High salaries 

Those with extensive digital twin experience will likely command high job salaries, meaning companies might need to increase their spending. For example, the most experienced and knowledgeable software developers could expect a salary of over $150,000 a year

“Companies will need to review their budgets and decide whether their investment in digital twin technology is worth the cost,” says “The best digital twin experts can ask for six-figure salaries, which some companies might not be able to afford.” 

Remote work

Digital twin experts are unlikely to work from home. Digital twin architects, for example, require access to the physical object they are creating a virtual representation for so they can’t complete their duties away from your physical location. HR managers therefore need to hire local specialists or encourage professionals to move to their area. Both prospects can be challenging when the demand for digital twin experts is fierce. 

How to Recruit the Digital Twin Specialists You Need

Digital twin job roles include architects, data analysts, and cybersecurity experts. However, finding the right people to fill these positions can be tough for HR managers. Working with an executive search firm can solve these issues and help your company source top talent

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