Hiring Cybersecurity Professionals During a Labor Shortage

Hiring Cybersecurity Professionals During a Labor Shortage

There are now 4.7 million people working in the global cybersecurity industry — that’s more cybersecurity professionals than ever before. However, the sector still needs more than 3.4 million workers to fill an increasing number of job roles. This shortage makes it difficult for HR managers to recruit the staff needed to protect their company’s systems, networks, and other IT infrastructure. In this article, learn the reasons behind the current drought of cybersecurity experts and how to recruit individuals with expertise for your organization. 

Why is There a Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals?

There are a range of reasons for the current cybersecurity worker shortage, including a growing lack of interest in IT among young people, a lack of skills to handle the latest cyber threats, and burnout among cybersecurity professionals. 

Young People are Choosing Other Careers

In the past, cybersecurity was a popular career path among college students. However, there’s currently a lack of interest in this role from young people entering the job market. Perhaps that’s because other technology positions offer higher salaries than cybersecurity jobs. 

The average income for a cybersecurity analyst in the United States is $96,955 a year. While this salary is well above the national average, a data scientist can earn considerably more, with the average income for this job amounting to $137,212 a year. Other higher-paid positions like data engineering and AI engineering might mean fewer young people want to enter the cybersecurity field. 

A lack of skills to manage the latest threats

Hackers are getting smarter, with new types of cybersecurity threats emerging all the time. As a result, cybersecurity experts should continuously learn skills and find ways to protect their organizations from dangers. However, many cybersecurity professionals lack the talent to manage the newest threats, making them less desirable than their more experienced peers. That increases the demand for the most qualified cybersecurity workers, especially when there aren’t enough of these individuals on the market. 


Research shows that 84% of cybersecurity workers in North America experience burnout. Several factors increase stress levels for these professionals, including working long hours, a lack of resources, and the pressure to come up with critical IT solutions for companies. Burnout can be detrimental to the industry and cause individuals to leave their cybersecurity jobs. That increases the number of available positions for experts on the market. 

How to Find Cybersecurity Professionals 

It’s harder than ever to source the right cybersecurity experts for your company. Follow the tips below to increase your chances of securing top talent:

Post opportunities on cybersecurity job websites

Job boards like CybersecurityJobs.com and Infosec-Jobs.com let you connect with cybersecurity experts, helping you find the right person to fill your open position. You can view resumes from individuals and message them directly on these platforms, improving your talent search. Alternatively, you can post a vacancy on social media and find the best professional for your team.

Consider professionals in remote locations

If most of your infrastructure is in the cloud hiring a professional from a remote destination makes sense. In the global economy, you can work with cybersecurity specialists based in any location in the world and achieve the same outcomes as keeping an expert in-house. For example, finding a qualified individual in a country with a cheaper standard of living could mean they ask for a lower salary, saving you money. 

Work with an employment agency

The best employment agencies remove the work associated with filing a cybersecurity role in your organization. These agencies have links with the best experts on the market and can attract them to your company with advanced recruitment strategies, such as showcasing the benefits of working for your team. 

Hire Cybersecurity Experts Now

Despite the current labor shortage, there’s no reason why you can’t find the cybersecurity professional you need. Post your vacancy on industry-specific job boards, consider hiring from abroad, and work with a reputable employment agency to optimize your talent search. 

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