Recruiting in the Digital Age: Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Recruiting talent in the digital age takes insight and visions to harness the right individuals to propel your business in the right direction. 

Employees must possess skills that embrace your company’s goals and ambitions. When recruiters look for the best and brightest talent, they know to use one of the most valuable assets available —social media platforms. 

Targeted advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook

Targeted advertising isn’t just for products and services. Savvy recruiters and talent acquisition professionals know that using targeted ads to reach prospects is intelligent. The candidates’ browsing and search history allow the algorithm to place targeted ads and notifications on their accounts. These efforts to connect prove to be highly effective in many cases. It’s easier for the talent to connect with the right companies, making hiring the right person for the job much easier. 

Showcasing company culture through Instagram and YouTube

Posting informative and engaging content about your company culture on Instagram and YouTube draws interest from prospective talent. It gives them a chance to peek inside the workplace and provides insight into whether they may be a good fit for your team. Instagram and YouTube also allow employers to connect with long-form content, enabling you to insert more material with longer videos than other platforms. 

Giving the audience a daily glimpse of your company’s internal operations can attract the right employees. Some things to include in your content can consist of the following. 

  • CEO Insights
  • Overview of integral jobs
  • Company culture insights
  • Career prospects
  • Company outlooks

Creating unique and engaging content is the key to showcasing the benefits of working with your team. In turn, a well-crafted video can attract interest from excellent candidates. 

Engaging with passive candidates on Twitter

Posting to Twitter about job opportunities on Twitter allows you to connect with prospective employees who may not be actively searching for employment. Posting details about company goals and culture can pique the interest of talent possessing the skills you require. Encouraging them to comment and then answering back allows you to get a foot in the door to connect. It’s also a chance to further educate them about what you have to offer regarding job stability, benefits, and potential salary. 

Leveraging professional networks like GitHub and Behance

GitHub and Behance allow your company to single out the best talent for the job. These online social platforms allow professionals to highlight their skills and connect with the best employers looking for those specific skill sets. They can preview details about what they expect from an employer and how they can provide invaluable services that propel your company in the right direction. This process takes much of the guesswork of recruiting employees and weeds out the most qualified for the position. 

Monitoring online employer reviews

Employees love to provide employer reviews online to sites like Glassdoor. Monitoring employer reviews to determine who may be interested in working with your company is essential. It also allows you to control damage if there are negative reviews and comments. Most people reading company reviews from previous or current employees are interested in working with your company. 

Posting a comment to individuals searching for more information may allow you to start a brief conversation to connect further and get details. That’s a highly effective way to source talent actively searching for new opportunities from employers like you. 


Targeting the right social media platforms can produce good results when your company is searching for qualified talent. Knowing what type of content to post and learning to monitor and engage with your content effectively allows for better reach and more solid connections with professionals searching for new job opportunities.  If you would like to team up with a highly skilled talent acquisition company that allows you to work with recruiters who know how to find gifted talent that can help your company be more effective in your industry, then you should reach out to MRINetwork. Our team is ready to work with you to find the perfect match for open positions within your business. Start sourcing the right people for the job with the assistance of a top recruiting company that delivers results.