The Benefits of Hiring Generative AI Experts in Tech and How to Do It

The Benefits of Hiring Generative AI Experts in Tech and How to Do It

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) produces text, speech, images, graphics, and music, helping tech companies create content for marketing, graphic design, and customer service. Investing in top talent to implement this technology could increase performance and labor productivity. Learn more about this topic below. 

How Can Generative AI Specialists Impact Teams?

Hiring a generative AI expert can benefit various departments in your organization, including marketing, graphic design, and customer service.


Generative AI is capable of creating marketing content for blog posts, website pages, and social media descriptions. That helps marketing teams reach new audiences, retain existing customers, and move both of these segments through their funnels. 

For example, a technology company can hire a generative AI specialist to develop machine learning algorithms that automate content briefs. Human writers can then refer to these briefs and create effective content that advertises the company’s products and services. 

Another use case of generative AI in technology marketing departments is content optimization. The latest tools edit content written by human writers and enhance it for SEO by adding relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and image alt text. A generative AI specialist can devise algorithms that edit content based on a company’s style, tone, and values. 

Graphic Design 

One of the benefits of generative AI is its ability to generate visual content, such as photos, videos, and customized design layouts, which can support graphic design departments in technology companies. Hiring an AI design expert often results in faster workflows when creating graphics. Plus, the right specialist can aid teams using programs such as Midjourney and DALL·E 2, which produce images based on user prompts. 

Generative AI will also improve the quality of existing product designs created by a technology company. An AI architect can create data algorithms that identify problems in 3D renderings and prototypes, resulting in higher-quality products. 

Customer Service

Generative AI improves customer service by producing text responses to common questions and queries through chatbot technologies. Tech companies that hire a chatbot developer can create tools that let individuals solve problems without talking to a customer agent, freeing up resources for customer service departments. 

While chatbot adoption among consumers is currently low, this could change in the future as more people get used to this technology. That might fuel the demand for generative AI professionals who specialize in chatbot code and creation. 

How to Hire Generative AI Specialists

Professionals with experience in generative AI are in high demand as more companies realize the benefits of this technology. Here are some tips for hiring these specialists. 

Choose the Right Professional for Your Use Case

There’s not just one generative AI model but many. Specialists might have experience with linguistic models like GPT, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) like CycleGAN, or both. Decide why you want to incorporate generative AI into your technology company and choose a professional who can help you achieve this goal with their software code and other skills. 

Hire Specialists Who Understand the Drawbacks of AI

Generative AI isn’t perfect. Many models and algorithms have biases and can produce offensive content that jeopardizes your business reputation, resulting in lost sales. The best professionals know the shortcomings of this technology and can navigate it for the best results.  

Attract Passive Candidates

With generative AI specialists in high demand, many of the best professionals are already working for other companies. These “passive” candidates aren’t currently looking for new opportunities as they already have a job. However, they might join your organization if you offer them something tempting, such as a higher salary or a company culture that reflects their values. 

You can attract passive candidates by contacting them directly. Research the most successful generative AI specialists in the tech sector and drop them an email. Alternatively, send them a message on LinkedIn and explain why they would be a great fit for your company.  

Review Portfolios

Generative AI specialists will likely have portfolios that showcase their previous projects. Ask candidates to provide examples of their work when you advertise open positions and find out if they match your unique requirements. While generative AI is still a relatively new domain, the most successful professionals will have evidence of working with several companies.


Generative AI specialists benefit the tech sector by developing machine learning algorithms, creating chatbot technologies, and supporting teams that use artificial intelligence to automate workflows. Follow the tips above when hiring these professionals, and consider working with a talent acquisition agency to fill open roles in your organization. The right company can help you attract top AI talent to your team, simplify your recruitment processes, and grow your brand.  MRINetwork is a leader in recruitment, helping you find the best candidates for your technology business. Follow MRINetwork to learn more about generative AI, machine learning, hiring, and other hot topics.