The Challenges of Hiring Engineers With AI Experience Now and in the Future

The Challenges of Hiring Engineers With AI Experience Now and in the Future

As artificial intelligence continues to increase in popularity, the demand for engineers with AI experience has never been higher. Research shows that AI engineers will experience career growth of 21 percent between 2021 and 2031 — that’s more than the average growth for all occupations. With demand for these professionals soaring, HR managers face several challenges when sourcing talent now and in the future, which you will learn about below. You will also discover how to overcome these obstacles and add the right talent to your team. 

What are Engineers With AI Experience?

Engineers with AI experience, or AI engineers, are responsible for programming, developing, training, and fixing complicated artificial intelligence algorithms. They typically have experience in programming, data engineering, data science, software development, and other disciplines, making them highly valuable for companies investing in AI technologies. As more organizations integrate AI and machine learning into their workflows, these engineers help companies get more value from their investments. 

It’s important to note that “AI engineer” is an umbrella term that includes various job roles, such as:

  • AI software engineers
  • AI researchers
  • Deep learning engineers
  • Machine learning engineers
  • Big data engineers

Challenges of Hiring AI Engineers

Recruiting AI engineers at the moment is an uphill struggle for HR managers, and it will continue to be in the next few years. That’s because of a shortage of qualified professionals and increased competition between companies looking for talent. AI engineers can also demand high salaries. 

Talent Shortage

There’s currently a shortage of qualified and experienced AI professionals. As more people use tools like ChatGPT, more engineers are required to fix and implement these technologies, and there just aren’t enough of these professionals to go around. That can make life difficult for HR managers wanting to fill AI engineering positions in their companies. Managers need to broaden their talent search to find the right people, which will increase their workloads. 

Increased competition 

Companies are competing with each other to secure the best artificial intelligence engineers, and those organizations with access to the most resources will likely come out on top. For example, a company with links to educational institutions training people to become AI engineers can fill job roles quicker than a company that doesn’t. Organizations with large HR departments will also be able to attract the best engineers. These companies have multiple HR professionals who can find the best professionals in their area. 

High Salaries

How much AI engineers get paid depends on the area of the country. For example, the average annual base salary for this job role is $117,323 in San Franciso, $116,220 in Chicago, and $110,000 in New York City. No matter your location, AI engineers can command high salaries because they possess a unique skillset, and there’s increased demand for these professionals. 

How to Solve These Challenges

Here are some ways HR managers can increase their chances of finding experienced and qualified AI engineers in the current landscape:

Find engineers from abroad

In the global economy, more companies are hiring AI engineers in international locations. These engineers might require lower salaries than those in the United States if they live in a country with a cheaper standard of living.

Upskill current employees

If you already have engineers in your organization, you can invest in their skill development and encourage them to get more AI experience. Training current employees in a new skill might be easier and more cost-effective than recruiting new talent. 

Recruit the AI Engineers Your Company Needs Now

A shortage of AI engineers, increased competition, and high salaries can make hiring the right talent a seemingly impossible prospect. HR managers can increase their chances of sourcing engineers by finding professionals abroad, upskilling existing engineers, and working with an executive search firm like MRINetwork. 

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