The Top 3 Reasons More Talent Access Firms Choose MRI

The Top 3 Reasons More Talent Access Firms Choose MRI
Whether you’re going it alone or migrating an existing team, choosing to join a search network is a big decision with hundreds of considerations along the way. Our team is used to answering questions ranging from tools and events to logistics and cost, and yet the final choice to join  MRI often comes down to the same three things. 

Digital-First Training

We see where the World of Work is heading — and understand how critical a digital presence is to get there. That’s why MRI is the only search organization to offer a full training curriculum to its members. When it comes to onboarding new team members or upskilling your existing roster, our Learning & Talent Development offering makes it easy to ensure your team is adopting a digital-first approach to your business.

Value-Add Products

MRI’s mission is to provide the tools our network needs to grow their businesses — and that often means building them ourselves. It’s why we call ourselves a product development company: we’re committed to developing the cloud-based tools and services you need to reach more candidates and more clients with greater success. From search-optimized position briefs that surface your jobs faster among more qualified candidates, to a zero effort content syndication platform designed to showcase your category expertise and position your firm as a thought leader, MRI’s unique product suite helps you get ahead. 

Subject Matter Expertise

The final piece to the puzzle isn’t necessarily something we can provide — but it is something we can help you perfect. As a search specialist, your most valuable tool is your own subject matter expertise. You understand how your clients’ businesses are being impacted by industry trends and you already have relationships with the best talent in their space. We’ll help you craft a digital marketing strategy that ensures your knowledge is shared with the masses in a way that builds additional trust and excitement to have you as a critical extension of their team.

In-depth training, personalized products, and expert media and marketing support — it’s no wonder top talent access firms turn to MRI to harness the full impact of their subject matter expertise.