Understanding & Engaging Gen Z

Understanding & Engaging Gen Z
By 2025, Gen Z will comprise 27 percent of the workforce. To unlock their full potential as ZEOs, companies and recruiters will need to understand how to effectively engage them.  

Mark BealMark Beal, author, marketer, professor, and Gen Z expert took the stage at MRINetwork’s United conference, to demystify Gen Z and offer effective recruiting and hiring strategies. Leverage his insights and expertise to better engage young hires and rising stars.

A Generation Like No Other 

“Gen Z are entrepreneurs, collaborating in communities of diverse individuals, backgrounds, and experiences in a digital and social media world, in a purposeful way that contributes positively to our world.” 

— Mark Beal, Author, Marketer, Gen Z Expert 

What makes Gen Z so special? Beal explains what he calls the “seven dimensions of Gen Z”: 

  1. Purpose-driven: Gen Z is the purpose-driven generation. They want to work for organizations that have a higher purpose than just selling widgets. 
  1. Diversity, inclusion, and belonging: Gen Z is the most diverse and inclusive generation to date, and Gen Zers wear that distinction as a badge of honor. They want to work for companies that have a culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. 
  1. Community-minded and socially conscious: Gen Z seeks out communities, clubs, and companies that share their interests and passions. They are activists who collaborate, amplify, and advocate using technology. 
  1. Crave experiences: Generation Z wants access. They love experiences that they can immersive themselves in. 
  1. Incredible entrepreneurial spirit: Gen Z has incredible ideas that are transforming the way work gets done, media, marketing, and communities. They’re launching their own companies and nonprofits. 
  1. Tech-smart digital natives: Gen Z has had technology in their hands since the early ages of one, two, or three. They are very confident with technology, and welcome new apps and innovation. 
  1. Love customizing and personalizing: Gen Z has grown up in a world of personalization. They want to customize and design their own experiences, even their own roles.

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