Bert Miller of MRINetwork: Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times

“I lead with consistency,” Bert Miller, President and CEO of MRINetwork tells Jason Remillard of Authority Magazine about his approach to guiding a company during challenging or uncertain times. “My team knows how I’m going to approach each day, no matter how great or challenging that day will be. When you’re consistent, your team can rest easy — that consistency allows them to feel comfortable because they have a safe place to be.”

In his second interview for Authority’s leadership series, Miller shares how he’s managed to maintain his teams’ trust and engagement during various periods of economic instability. How to share bad news? “By being direct, empathetic, and concise,” says Miller. The number one thing to avoid as a leader? “They pull cash out of a business too quickly when they should live below their means.”

Miller discusses how he revisited fiscal forecasts for his executive search firm, Protis Global, as well as its parent organization, MRINetwork, when the pandemic first shook the global economy, and what quote has guided his decisions since high school.

Read the full extent of Miller’s advice on leading during turbulent times via Authority Magazine.