Bert Miller on “How to Make Your Next Career Move”

It may seem counterintuitive that despite the pandemic — or perhaps because of it — a surprising number of people are considering a voluntary career move. They may be motivated by an increasing sense of dissatisfaction with their present position or, on a more positive note, they may be identifying new opportunities as business leaders look to transform their industries and the way they operate and bring on new talent to achieve these goals. 

“The reality is that, as a job seeker, you’re either running from something or toward something,” concluded a new report by Bert Miller, President and CEO of MRINetwork and Chairman of Protis Global. “It’s important to understand what’s inspiring your search, in order to ensure your next move sets you up for greater success and satisfaction.”

In a new article for Hunt Scanlon, Miller shares how candidates and hiring managers alike can use his Personal Scorecard methodology to find the best fit. Miller breaks building a successful career path into three critical areas: personal, professional, and financial.

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