A Spear With Two Sides: The Unique Responsibility of Recruiters w/Michael Clegg

Michael Clegg

In most industries, you either occupy the supply side or the demand side of the equation. Recruiters don’t. 

We’re the tip of the spear on two sides and equally responsible to the hiring authorities and the talent. Fail to keep both sides sharp and focus too heavily on one side? We won’t be able to efficiently and predictably connect talented individuals to great organizations. 

Doing this job well is about balancing this bilateral responsibility, seeing beyond one placement, and investing in bringing value to both the clients and the candidates. 

How do we give both sides equal attention, consistency and investment? Why is the phone still so important in this business? How do you make a plan for success? 

In this episode, we’re joined by high performance leadership coach, professional speaker, high school football coach and CEO of Q Works Group, Michael Clegg. He shares what recruiters have to do to have lasting success in this business.

Guest Bio 

Michael Clegg is a high performance leadership coach, professional speaker, high school football coach and CEO of Q Works Group. Known for his “Leaders Go First” philosophy, he leverages 20+ years of guiding diverse organizations through keynotes, workshops, and coaching, from coaching C-suite executives to mentoring high school football teams as a wide receiver coach. Clegg transforms leaders and teams into champions by building culture, connection, and trust. Clegg innovated a unique framework called Leadership , unlocking and multiplying potential, leading to psychological safety, engagement, and retention. He knows that you must transform yourself first to become a talented leader. Clegg’s claim to fame was that he was a break dancer in the early 80s. For more information go to  https://www.leadership-squared.com/ and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Meet the Host

Vince Holt is the founder and CEO of Management Recruiters of Mercer Island. With 35+ years industry experience, he is the only MRINetwork team member to win CSAM of the Year, Person of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards. In addition to spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren, Vince has raced motorcycles for over 50 years, winning 5 National Championships.

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