Plain and Pure Knowledge: How to Outlast Entire Industries w/Linda Gerz

If you’ve been in this business for decades, you haven’t just seen technologies come and go, you’ve seen entire industries rise and tank, even ones you specialize in. 

There’s a reason why some recruiters stay relevant even as the industry landscape shifts underneath them – it’s mastering the basics, caring about people and being a highly knowledgeable professional.

How do you build strong connections with clients and candidates? How do you pivot in the tools you use, not the basics that lead to success? 

In this episode, I’m joined by managing partner at MRI Lancaster, Linda Gerz. She shares how she ended up in this business, and how to succeed through tech and industry disruptions.

Guest Bio 

Linda started with Management Recruiters in September 1988 specializing in Food & Beverage manufacturing. Linda is deeply connected to the industry on a daily basis, speaking to numerous executives and senior managers each week discussing their goals, challenges and objectives. These vital conversations also involve sharing information on industry trends as well as Top Talent in the marketplace. As a result, Linda and the MRI of Lancaster team have invaluable insight as well as strong relationships that aid in the delivery of professionals who can immediately step in and be productive with a positive impact on the bottom line. Linda’s dedication to the Food & Beverage marketplace gives her the ability to fully understand a client’s needs and to develop true partnerships. With a diverse clientele including large, medium and small sized companies, MRI of Lancaster offers solutions through both permanent and flexible staffing options, including contract or interim placements.
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Meet the Host

Vince Holt is the founder and CEO of Management Recruiters of Mercer Island. With 35+ years industry experience, he is the only MRINetwork team member to win CSAM of the Year, Person of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards. In addition to spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren, Vince has raced motorcycles for over 50 years, winning 5 National Championships.

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