The Advantage of Diversification in the World of International Search

Figure out a dig and immerse yourself in it. That’s what recruiters are told to do if they want to succeed. What if you could succeed by diversifying, and serving multiple markets across continents? 

For Stephen Kennedy, working in different niches actually keeps him sharp in a way specializing never could. In specializing, we sometimes run the risk of becoming complacent; we forget to ask the important questions because we already know the answers. 

Going to an entirely different industry time after time forces you to really dig in and discover what moves the needle, especially across multiple markets, countries and languages. 

How does Stephen do it? How can we foster more Transatlantic collaboration? In this episode, the owner of Talent Partners shares his story, and how he’s succeeded through diversification in the literal world of search.

Guest Bio 

Stephen first joined MRINetwork as a consultant in 1997, working for the Irish MRINetwork office for three years before transferring to a Swedish office. He returned to Ireland in 2003 to open his own MRI practice. Talent Partners clients range from indigenous Irish businesses to publicly traded companies around the world, and Stephen’s experience spans small startups to established multinationals.

Stephen was named a Certified Senior Account Manager (CSAM) by the MRINetwork in 2000. Prior to being an owner, he was a consistent top 10 consultant. Talent Partners has previously been named the fastest growing office in the MRINetwork, and in 2018 it was the top international office for Contract Staffing. Stephen currently sits on the MRINetwork Charitable Foundation Board of Directors and the MRINetwork Vendor Committee, and he formerly served on the MRINetwork Owner to Owner Steering Committee. Stephen is also a former President of the North Dublin Chamber of Commerce and a Council Member of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce. A passionate sports fan, Stephen has been coaching GAA teams for over 20 years.

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Meet the Host

Vince Holt is the founder and CEO of Management Recruiters of Mercer Island. With 35+ years industry experience, he is the only MRINetwork team member to win CSAM of the Year, Person of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards. In addition to spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren, Vince has raced motorcycles for over 50 years, winning 5 National Championships.

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