The One Choice That Solves Many Problems in Your Business w/Carlos Perez

When you’ve spent your corporate career specializing and thriving in an industry you love, why not build your search business in the same space? The more you know your industry, the easier it is to spot A+ talent and build trust, and the easier it is to run your business. 

The opportunity to continue in an industry he’s passionate about from the other side of the desk has been a powerful driver for Carlos Perez. How did he make the transition from corporate to running his own business? What was it like starting his business during the pandemic?

In this episode, the founder of CP & KRELL GROUP, Carlos Perez talks about getting started during the pandemic, how his cultural background enhances his skills and the most important choice he made.

Guest Bio

Carlos Perez is the founder of CP & KRELL GROUP, a firm that specializes in recruiting in the Beauty, Wellness, and Fashion industries and has scaled from being ranked #112 in 2020 to being #24 in total revenue in the global MRINetwork in 2022.

With nearly 25 years of experience in executive corporate roles for iconic CPG e-commerce companies in the feel-good industries–beauty, wellness, and fashion sectors, Carlos leverages his unparalleled insight to connect the best and most relevant professionals with your organization. Having occupied leadership and executive roles nationally and internationally, Carlos Perez has shared the perspective from your side of the desk. It’s his experience and insight that serves as the bedrock of our success.

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Meet the Host

Vince Holt is the founder and CEO of Management Recruiters of Mercer Island. With 35+ years industry experience, he is the only MRINetwork team member to win CSAM of the Year, Person of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards. In addition to spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren, Vince has raced motorcycles for over 50 years, winning 5 National Championships.

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