Attack the Problem Multiple Ways: The Secret to Rapid Placements w/Tim Goede

How did Tim Goede take less than a week to get a placement that a company struggled to get for 3 months? By doing what other recruiters aren’t willing to – reach candidates by land, sea and air. It’s about contacting candidates in every way possible, rather than dialing the phone and giving up when you don’t get an initial response. 

That level of persistence always pays off, especially when it’s paired with a real drive to solve people’s problems. In the buzzword-filled world of software, cloud, SaaS, AI, and IoT, this mentality cuts you apart from the rest. 

How did Tim get started, and what’s the key to having staying power? What’s better than any placement or fee a recruiter could get? 

In this episode, the founder of GPR shares his story and the mentality behind his success.

Guest Bio 

The Subject Matter Experts at Goede Premier Recruitment have rich industry expertise in the desks they service, a few of our specialties include: Security, Telecommunications, Technology, IT, A/V and Engineering. The candidates we work with are highly motivated, results oriented, creative, career minded, have strong work ethics and most importantly are successful. Your data remains confidential and all candidate services are free. GPR specializes in the Security, Telecommunications, IT, Technology, A/V and Engineering industries nationwide. For more information, head to and

Meet the Host

Vince Holt is the founder and CEO of Management Recruiters of Mercer Island. With 35+ years industry experience, he is the only MRINetwork team member to win CSAM of the Year, Person of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards. In addition to spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren, Vince has raced motorcycles for over 50 years, winning 5 National Championships.

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