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The 10-4-2 Strategy: How to Connect with Industry Leaders on LinkedIn

What if I told you that you could get in front of anyone on your desk without ever picking up the phone?  I developed the 10-4-2 Strategy as a simple, repeatable framework to get the attention of high-value contacts in your DIG by leveraging the power of LinkedIn. It’s one of the most effective ways […]

Unwinding the Headline: A Worksheet

The Recruiter

Sharing your perspectives and subject matter expertise with your network is critical to reaching a wider audience, demonstrating your value as a search specialist, and proving your ability to support your clients’ businesses. But if you’ve never produced content before, it can feel daunting to know where to start.  If you’re feeling stuck at the […]

3 Steps to Sharing the Perfect LinkedIn Post

Posting on LinkedIn

You’ve found an article that’s relevant to your audience and copied it into the “Start a post” field at the top of LinkedIn. It’s just about time to press “Publish”, but before you do, review this foolproof checklist to ensure you’re about to get the most mileage out of your post.  1. Add your unique […]

Four Ways to Strengthen Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand has a significant impact on your career. However, many people overlook how they represent themselves online. While there are millions of professionals “on” platforms like LinkedIn, many neglect to proactively build their reputation and leverage it to boost and support their careers. So, how can you actively develop your brand and use […]

How Your Social Media Presence Can Impact Your Candidacy

Before the rise of social networks like Facebook and Instagram, job seekers did not have a digital footprint to consider when applying for a job. Today, 73 percent of Americans use more than one of the eight major social media platforms, according to recent data from the Pew Research Center. The average user in the […]

How Important is Social Media in the Hiring Process?

Remember when screening a candidate past the interview stage was limited to references and a credit, background or drug test? The growth of social media has introduced another dimension to the hiring process – that while on the surface appears positive, can present challenges in gaining a clear picture of a candidate – both socially […]

Finding Right-Fit Candidates Through Social Media

It’s no secret that employers research job candidates’ social media profiles to help them make hiring decisions. In fact, social media presence has become vitally important in the hiring process. According to the MRINetwork 2017 Recruiter Sentiment Study, over 80 percent of employers and 90 percent of recruiters review social media profiles sometimes or all […]

Warning: Social Networking Can Be Hazardous to Your Job Search

That cute, affable guy who brags of his drunken exploits on FaceBook.com may be meeting a lot of other partiers online, but he’s probably not getting added to the “friends” lists of many corporate recruiters. A recent study by the executive search firm ExecuNet found that 77 percent of recruiters run searches of candidates on […]