Amazon Web Services Delivers Strong Q1 Results

Consumers interact with Amazon daily – sometimes even without their knowledge. Amazon Web Services works on the backend of many websites, connecting sites around the world. Since being introduced in 2002, AWS is now responsible for 10 percent of the company’s operating income – and powers websites like Netflix, The Guardian reported.

AWS operating income grew by nearly 50 percent from the same time last year, from January to March 31, Geekwire noted. It also saw a 42 percent growth spurt from the previous quarter. Can Amazon continue to grow AWS? And what does it mean for the tech industry?

As consumers continue to integrate IoT devices such as Alexa in their homes and utilize the ample amount of storage in the cloud, there may be no stopping the tech giant. Wal​-Mart is one company that, after hearing news of Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, is telling its tech vendors to work with another provider other than AWS. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Compute stand as the two biggest competitors in the market.

Can AWS continue to expand?