Canada Sees Benefits from IT Professional Network

The Business Technology Management Initiative, a project of the Canadian government, has seen success growing the country’s IT community, IT World Canada reported. 

The program was created in 2010 with $1.8 million in funding from the Ministry of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, with the purpose of creating a richer professional network for IT workers as well as strengthening national standards for IT practice. 

Since the BTM Forum started, it has expanded post-secondary school programs in IT across the country and tripled the number of students enrolled in such programs, according to the source. In addition, 100 employers participate in the activities of the BTM Forum and six new IT specialization standards have been created. 

Federal funding for the program will end this year, and the BTM Forum plans to continue operating through offering professional memberships and IT accreditations and certifications to help professionals in the field strengthen their skills and find lucrative job opportunities, the source explained. released its list of the highest-paying jobs across Canada, revealing that IT positions command sizeable salaries in some cities. Montreal in particular has seen an influx of high-paying tech jobs, with the senior software engineer, software architect and database administrator commanding some of the top salaries in the city. 

The Business Technology Management Initiative has helped grow Canada's IT community.