New Mississippi Factory Expected to Create Over 100 jobs

This week, Emerald Transformer announced plans to open a new facility in Lexington, Mississippi, that could create over 100 jobs, MS News Now reported.

The 100,000-square-foot factory will take over a building located on Bowling Green Road that has been abandoned for years. It is expected to reduce the number of residents who have to leave the Holmes County area to find employment, which currently is approximately 1,000 people.  

“One hundred jobs coming to any community is something that is very good,” said Bennie Thompson, Lexington representative, according to the source. “But coming to Lexington and Holmes County Mississippi, a place with a significant unemployment rate, this is a big deal.”

Mayor Clint Cobbins added that Lexington welcomes other companies to consider the opportunities the town has to offer.

In its press release, the full-service transformer equipment company explained that this move is part of its broader plans to grow and expand. The location, which is in close proximity to Jackson, Mississippi, was chosen strategically to allow it to better serve customers. 

“We are very excited about the growth Emerald is experiencing and look forward to even further expansion based around this new facility,” Emerald Transformer CEO Stuart Prior stated.

MS News Now reported that the new factory will open next fall. 

Emerald Transformer announced plans to open a new facility in Lexington, Mississippi that could create over 100 jobs.