Chobani Yogurt Looks to Fill Management Positions for Its New Idaho Plant

Greek yogurt company Chobani has announced it is currently looking to fill a number of management positions for its new Idaho manufacturing facility, which is still under construction. The announcement came as a Canadian food company said it would be injecting millions of dollars to expand its Montreal plant.

Speaking at a groundbreaking ceremony in Twin Falls recently, Chobani officials said they were looking to fill a number of upper-level jobs. According to the Idaho Department of Labor, those positions included specialized dairy superintendent, managers for environmental health and safety, logistics and warehouse, recruiter and quality assurance and procurement, the Magic Valley Times-News reports.

A Chobani spokesman told the news agency that the company hopes to fill the upper-level management jobs by the end of January, with recruitment for the lower-level supervisory positions continuing through April.

Meanwhile, in Montreal, Multibar Foods Incorporated said it would create 80 new jobs when it completes a multi-million dollar upgrade to its manufacturing plant, according to the Winnipeg Free Press.

The overall cost of the modernization and expansion was not revealed, but the company said it had recently received $15 million from three investors, including the Bank of Montreal.