Employment on the Rise in the Sports Industry

Breaking into the entertainment industry may be difficult for some professionals, but according to The Wall Street Journal, employment in the sports realm has continued to soar in the past several years. Not only did the source report that more people have jobs in sports, but the increased number of individuals in this field has contributed to rising job numbers in various other sectors in the U.S.

Athletes, managers, talent acquisition agents and stadium workers are directly affected by trends in sports hiring, but other sectors – including construction, marketing and engineering – are indirectly impacted as well. Matt Ferguson, the CEO of CareerBuilder, explained that many Americans are affected by the booming industry, whether they’re employed by affected companies or avid fans of certain teams.

“Sports is a major part of our culture and a key economic driver in cities nationwide,” Ferguson said, as quoted by the Journal. “The growth in sports-related jobs since 2010 is notably higher than that of the national average for all jobs, indicating a greater investment in one of America’s favorite pastimes.”

According to Forbes, the jobs that have experienced the greatest amount of growth since 2010 are those working as meeting, convention and event planners for sports-related agencies.