Japanese Culture Plays Major Role in Hiring Process

The Japanese culture is steeped in decades of tradition, and many employers try to instill certain values in new hires.

Reuters reports that some employment experts believe that the country’s customs, which put a high priority on conformity and allegiance to a company, could be hurting the economy, In an interview with the source, one accounting major who was recently hired by an outplacement service firm said that the new employees were expected to not question anything.

“At one insurance firm, I was told that I wouldn’t fit because I was too vocal about my opinions,” said the student, according to the source. He added that companies were “looking for perfect matches with the corporate culture,” and in some cases required the applicants to come in for a dozen interviews.

As its economy continues to struggle, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko said that two nuclear reactors, which had been shut down following the Fukushima disaster, would be reopened. Reuters reports that the move seeks to increase jobs and help with energy output.

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