New Jersey Adds 176,000 Jobs in May

While many states have struggled to add jobs as a result of the national economic downturn, New Jersey experienced positive employment numbers during May.

During a recent press conference in Trenton, Governor Chris Christie announced that last month, 176,000 jobs were added, the largest increase in seven years, Bloomberg reports. He said that policies that his administration had put in place, which includes reducing income taxes and increase spending, had made a positive impact.

“What the folks down the hall, the Democrats, don’t understand is that New Jersey is optimistic again,” Christie said in a press conference. “People who’ve not been looking for jobs for months, and some of them years, are now entering the labor force to try and find jobs. They believe the New Jersey comeback is under way. We’re back on track.”

While the new jobs were a positive sign, the state’s unemployment rate still stands at 9.2 percent, 1 percent higher than the national average. Since June 2009, the New Jersey’s unemployment rate has not fallen below 9 percent, according to the state’s labor department.

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