Medical Device Industry Expects Healthy Global Sales

A new survey has found that the global medical devices sales market is expected to see healthy gains over the next five years, due to an increase in demand from emerging markets.

According to the survey by Emergo Group consultants, U.S. medical device manufacturers also expect the international sales rate to continue to outpace domestic business this year. Of the more than 2,600 medical device firms surveyed, 53 percent reported increased international sales in 2011, compared with 42 percent of respondents who reported growth in domestic sales last year.

More medical device firms said they would pursue global business development in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC), countries which are expected to have the highest five-year growth potential.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, medical device maker Thermo Fisher Scientific Incorporated has announced it was cutting approximately 43 of its 100 workers at its Milwaukee operation, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Massachusetts-based company said some of the work at the Milwaukee site is being transferred to other locations, including a plant in Lithuania.

Company officials told the news agency that the job cuts are not related to an earlier announcement that Thermo was slashing its manufacturing capacity at its Two Rivers plant.