Legacy Publishing Expands in Maine, QWR Folds

As the publishing world struggles to compete with emerging technologies, Legacy Publishing has announced plans to expand operations in Maine. The news, however, is not as promising for one Massachusetts-based publication, which announced it was shutting its doors after more than 30 years.

In Westbrook, Maine, Legacy said it was adding 125 jobs, the Portland Daily Sun reports. The company, which was founded in 2005, produces multimedia programs, as well as operates a telephone call center and website for its clients out of the Maine facility.

At a ribbon cutting ceremony for the expansion, Governor Paul LePage praised Legacy founder Steve Anderson for his efforts during a tough economy.

“Right now, economic development is really, really badly needed, and it’s heartwarming to have people like Steve who are all into development of business, not a business just to ingratiate and full their pockets but to help people,” LePage added.

In Massachusetts, Quarterly Review of Wines (QWR) announced it was winding down its 100-page glossy publication after more than three decades of business, according to the Boston Herald.

At its peak two years ago, QWR had approximately 200,000 circulation and global subscribers.

QWR said sales began to fall recently as the internet and wine industry consolidation cut into business.