Monitoring Legal Sector Jobs Could Help Employment Seekers

American Bar Association members are searching for ways to help legal professionals find jobs and are targeting law school data to help these specialists. The National Law Journal reports that ABA officials have submitted a request for proposals to effectively monitor post-graduation data for legal experts. 

If the ABA releases employment data, students who are exploring legal careers can make informed decisions about their education. Colleges and universities typically provide admissions statistics, and additional resources enable pupils to comprehensively evaluate schools and find institutions that allow them to build their skill sets. 

“We’re comfortable that the admissions piece of this is taken care of, so now we’re looking at what can be done about employment data,” ABA spokesperson Barry Currier told the news source.

Some law firms are using innovative strategies to attract top talent, including competitions. According to Above the Law, Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University School of Law is hosting a “Job Idol” contest that allows students to earn law firm positions

The competitive job market puts additional pressure on law students and legal firms. Pupils could explore a wide range of schools to become legal experts, and law firms could reap the rewards by hiring talented professionals to support their teams. 

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