Cost-Conscious Airlines Add Team Members in 2012

Airlines around the world face a variety of financial challenges, but some firms are adding team members to improve their operations. Skift reports that Spirit Airlines, a low-cost airline for travelers, increased its work team by 18.8 percent in November 2012 as part of a campaign to enhance its efficiency.  

The ability to attract customers is essential for airlines, especially in today’s economic climate, and cost-conscious carriers could explore multiple options to bolster their profits. In November 2012, low-cost airlines’ work teams rose by 1.4 percent, and more firms could pursue talented professionals who can help their companies grow in the near future.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, airline specialists could find jobs available in the Gopher State, as Delta Air Lines officials recently announced that they will maintain a vast array of positions in the region. 

Delta spokesperson Bill Lentsch said that the carrier will keep at least 10,000 jobs in Minnesota as it strives to provide quality support to travelers. 

“We’re really proud of the operation that we built. We’re proud of these employees and the level of service that we’re giving to this community. We’ve come a long way,” Lentsch told the news source.

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