Report Reveals Demand for Mechanical Engineers in Canada

Mechanical engineering positions in Canada will be in high demand over the next decade.

According to Design Engineering, the 2015 Labour Market Report published by Engineers Canada identified two main factors affecting employment in the industry over the next 10 years: The need to fill positions as baby boomers retire and the shift of economic activity to the western regions of the country.

Mechanical engineers will be primarily affected by these factors, which will drive up candidate demand, especially for senior roles. The study forecasted that 2,100 job openings will arise each year until 2019, with 60 percent of these openings due to the need for replacement. There will also be a greater need for internationally trained engineers from outside the country to meet demand.

Additionally, salaries are predicted to increase steadily. The source noted that the amount that compensation rises will differ across provinces. For example, the report predicted that the median annual pay for mechanical engineers in Alberta will be $30,000 more than the salary for equivalent positions in the other provinces.

As an increasing importance is placed on engineering recruitment, more trained graduates will be needed to lead the industry into the next decade, with the report estimating that about 1,200 mechanical engineering graduates will be needed each year to fill open positions until 2019.

Many major firms have implemented intensive training programs to groom the next generation to be the engineering leaders of tomorrow, reported The Globe and Mail. Several engineering organizations made the 2016 list of Top Employers for Young People in Canada, including Emmax Corp., General Electric Canada and Manitoba Hydro for their extensive training programs.

Read the full Engineering Labour Market report here.