Rug Manufacturer May Bring Jobs to South Carolina

Orian Rugs, a family owned rug manufacturing business based in Anderson, S.C., will be weaving more employees into the fabric of its company. According to a press release, Orian plans to expand its operations thanks to a $13 million investment. While it currently employs more than 500 workers, the additional funds may provide opportunities for another 125 people in 2014.

On its website, Orian Rugs writes that it is one of North America’s premier rug manufacturers, producing both decorative and scatter rugs since 1979. In addition to its 550,000-square-foot production facility, the business owns three other companies around the globe, including McThree Carpets, Sofiteks and Bajong Carpets, the press release said. Robert Hitt, the state’s Secretary of Commerce, stated that Orian’s growth was beneficial to South Carolina’s economy as a whole.

“To see a company start in South Carolina and rise to the global business level is nothing short of amazing,” Hitt said in the press release. “Orian’s continuous choice to build and expand right at home is a strong testament to the business-friendly culture South Carolina demonstrates with each and every company that chooses to do business here.”