Semiconductor Companies See Growth Around the Globe

The semiconductor industry appears to be strong as a number of companies in the sector are hiring around the world.

Intel Corp., the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, announced that it would be opening a new research and development facility in Finland, creating about 200 jobs, according to RCR Unplugged.

An spokeswoman for the company said that while the facility is not yet open, Intel has begun hiring both hardware and software engineers.

Ville Vesterinen, co-founder and CEO of Grey Area, a Finland-based gaming company, said that the move to Finland would help both Intel and the country.

“I think it’s great that a company like Intel believes in Finnish engineering,” he told the news source. “I hope this will result in an increased flow of information where Finnish engineers can build a stronger understanding of the ecosystem.”

Intel isn’t the only semiconductor company experiencing growth, however. Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc. recently announced that its first quarter profits rose, driven partially by increased sales, reports RTT News. This improvement could lead to the creation of a number of semiconductor jobs if the company grows.